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Corporate photography is defined as any type of photography or videography used for promoting a company's brand, products or services.  Businesses also use corporate photography and videography to create visual content for websites, business cards, and various other marketing materials. Having a company branded stock library is key these days for keeping up with content demand for social media. The main goal of corporate photography to us is to sell and brand, so as Corporate Photographers we work with the business client’s in mind.

We recently worked with Parkway Properties in Orlando to shoot a corporate photography library that showed their corporate culture, their offices and portraits of all of their employees. The goal was to create authentic corporate photography that showed the professional yet relaxed and friendly nature of their offices and staff. If you want to see more of our portrait work, please check out our page here.

Sealand Annual Sales Meeting | Corporate Event Photography | San Juan Puerto Rico

We recently worked with Sealand when they were in the Orlando area at the Orange County Convention Center for their event photography. They liked working with us so much, they asked if we would fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico to document their annual sales meeting. Yes please! One of the reasons they decided to do their annual sales meeting in Puerto Rico was because they wanted to support the local community after it had been devastated by a recent hurricane. We loved that about this company, they are not only educating their employees on new techniques and learning but they are also supporting a community that had been so badly damaged by this hurricane.

We were hired to document the entire event from start to finish which included several events over 4 days. Check out the parties, the meetings, the keynote speeches, the 180 person group portrait at a fort, and a beautiful awards show at an old casino!

If you’d like to see more of our event work, check out more of our event photography work in Orlando here.

180 people group photo

180 people group photo


Orange County Convention Center Photography | PMA Summit Expo | Sealand

Orlando, FL is where it’s at! It’s a hot bed of corporate events, seminars, parties, conventions and annual sales meetings. Whether or not you’re throwing a big event or an intimate one you’ll find almost unlimited opportunities here in central Florida. Sealand came to the PMA Summit this year with their sales team to promote their services. The trade show took place at the Orange County Convention Center where nearly 20,000 people attended checking out new products and services from all over the globe in the fresh produce and floral industries. The industries come together as a community to learn, network, build relationships, and do business. When you’re spending all this time and effort to show off what your company can do, you should probably hire a corporate event photographer so you can document all the good times plus promote yourself to your customers on social media channels, websites and marketing materials.

Hiring a local photography company is going to save you time and hassle. Since we’re locals to Orlando, it has some big advantages. When companies hire us for their event coverage, they know we are already familiar with a lot of the venues around town and know how to shoot in them. Plus, we know a lot of other local vendors we can put you in touch with in case you need some recommendations for any other services. We have a documentary style to our images which creates an image that is authentic and tells a story. Audiences more and more want images that feel real, not overly produced or overly edited. We love to capture all the fun without being in the way. Our goal is to blend into the event with the use of longer lenses and not be very noticeable so we can get those real smiles. We also have a background in graphic design, so we know what types of images and framing that is going to be the most useful for all of your marketing needs. We really enjoy working with all kinds of people from all over the globe, so let us know the next time you’re in Orlando for an event, we’ve got your covered. Want to see more work? Check out our events portfolio page.

AstriCon Conference + Expo | Orlando Professional Photography | The Omni at ChampionsGate

At hotels all around Orlando conferences, trade shows, seminars and VIP events are taking place all year long. Why? Because the weather here is awesome, plus, we’ve got a lot to offer here in our home town.

Are you traveling to the central Florida area for an event? Check out some great venues like the Orange County Convention Center as well as many choices of conference centers at nearly every large hotel.

The Omni at Championsgate just added a brand new meeting and expo space on their property. We worked with Digium again this year at their annual AstricCon Conference and expo. Over this two day event there was a trade show floor as well as several VIP speakers. Check out all the action below. If you’d like to see more of our events check out our event portfolio here.

Thanks to Colorado State University for the Photography review!

A big thanks to Carly from Colorado State University for the kind words. We love what we do and it’s always great to know that our clients love what we do too! Being a professional photographer takes us to all sorts of fun places, this shoot near Lake Placid was great, hanging out in orange groves with some fun scientists!

“We partnered with Dynamite Studios to capture some of Colorado State University's researchers working in the field down in Florida. Even though we were across the country from each other the communication was constant and efficient. Dynamite Studios captured some beautiful shots of our researchers and were extremely proficient in turning around the high res photos. Colorado State University would gladly work with them again in the future and would recommend to other Universities.”

Wind Tunnel Photography | iFly Tampa Indoor Skydiving

This week we headed over the the indoor skydiving center in Tampa. After flying around in this big windy tube for 15 minutes we decided to take some images of a skydiving team training for a competition.

For those that have always thought about skydiving but don’t like the idea of jumping from an airplane at 14,000ft, then the tunnel is for you. Its a great way to experience what it feels like to fly without the fear of the ground approaching you at 120mph.

Collective Pitch are a 4-way freely team that skydive and also do a number of tunnel competitions. A 4-way team fly around together trying to get into certain positions in the air flow. The more positions they make the more points they get. These guys are FAST! We had a blast doing some tunnel photography, and even more of a blast flying in it.

Head to iFly Tampa to check this awesome flying experience!

What's the difference between an environmental portrait and a backdrop portrait? Effing Amazing | Lifestyle Portraits | Orlando, FL

A lot of our clients are moving towards the environmental portrait, but some are stuck in their heads that the only way to take a portrait is on a backdrop. There are so many more options these days instead of in a studio. If you're a company with a unique office setting, consider using it as a backdrop. We did just that with Dan at Effin Amazing near Downtown Orlando. They run an agency that focuses on growth through marketing automation. Check out how we utilized their space for some great executive headshots.


These are some examples of a portrait on a white backdrop. It's a great option if you're going to be cutting out the images to place on a colored background or layer into something in Photoshop. It has some other benefits too - it's simple. Sometimes if you're looking for something clean that focuses solely on the person, this is the best way to go. Hopefully seeing both will give you some ideas on how to plan your next headshot.