Uganda | Making a Difference | Travel Photography in Africa

When we showed up to the "parent school" on one of our last days in Africa, we were overwhelmed with how happy they were to go to school. Parent schools are exactly that, they are run by a group of educated parents in the village who really believe in teaching the local kids. Most of the population doesn't have a chance to go to school. These kids actually want to go to school, they are proud to wear their uniforms and learn. That's a big change from some American kids.  The students couldn't wait to show us their learning skills and even their dancing skills when we arrived. We even (tried) to dance with them.  We felt so welcome and so grateful that as professional photographers we actually got to be there to experience it.

Within a few minutes of arriving, we were already wanting to find a way to help. They don't even have floors in their classrooms. Most of the rooms are built out of whatever wood they can put together on top of dirt floors and not a lot of the kids even have shoes to wear, which can lead to chiggers. They're doing the best they can and have started this school from nothing. It's pretty cool that they've made such a huge effort to educate Ugandan kids. More education means better job options and more money to support your families.

We spoke with one of the head masters and they said they could use some help getting solar power for the school so they could have light to work at night. We donated the solar panels to get things going. Within a few days they had everything in and installed! They keep in touch and send us some picture updates of the progress they are making. We were so excited about donating, we told family members and they wanted to donate also. They helped to purchase the school three laptop computers and a printer which they can now use with the power from their solar system.  Giving is contagious - find a group you're passionate about and help. Even if it's just a little, every little bit counts. This is a great example - In the matter of days they went from no power and no electronics to having a free renewable power source, 3 computers and a printer.  If you want to get involved, email us at and we'll get you filled in on how to help! Check out the pictures they sent us below.