Private Event Photography | Ludacris Concert | House of Blues, Orlando, FL

Orlando is the #1 destination for private corporate events and expos in the United States. Why? The weather is one great reason! Everyone likes to whip out their board shorts and flip flops every now and again.  There's also a number of awesome venues all over the city, one of which is The House of Blues at Downtown Disney. Recently our blog has been filled with some pretty fun event photography in Orlando

Last week we were asked to shoot private event photography for a Ludacris concert put on by the IT company Cohesity. They were in Orlando for the Cisco Live Conference at the Orange County Convention Center, and wanted to create a great night out for everyone that attended.  

Ludacris is a great guy, so nice and really down to earth.  In the middle of his performance we were on stage and he asked for specific pictures, its pretty rare to see someone so well known be so excited about getting a cool image of them doing what they do best...especially in the middle of a set.  We sent the images over to him and his team and we were so happy when the words "Thanks, phenomenal photography" was their response.  Life as an event photographer is pretty darn exciting, especially when you are around people like this who are super laid back and up for anything.

Concert photography is actually how Kellie got her start as a professional event photographer in Central Florida. She was in college and wanted to see and photograph her favorite bands that came to Orlando. She worked her way up to working with newspaper outlets like the Orlando Sentinel and even being a stinger photographer for Getty Images.  We love the energy at concerts and big events. To have the opportunity to capture that story in a unique way is awesome, there's nothing quite like it.

At this particular event, there was a lot of fun things going on. First there was an exclusive VIP area where Ludacris mingled with guests and we shot some portraits on a step and repeat background for all the Cohesity VIPS. What a cool memory from an corporate event - a personal photo with Ludacris himself. We turned around the images in 24 hours so guests could receive a link to share and download immediately.  Cohesity had everything at this event: an ice sculpture, nitro ice cream and popcorn, a DJ, branded sunglasses, glow sticks, free drinks and plenty of delicious food and a concert by Ludacris. If you're interested in checking out more images of our events, check out our events portfolio page here.

We both had the opportunity to hang out with Ludacris and his team at the concert, as well as work with him on the stage. We've always heard if there isn't a picture, it never happened, so we made sure to get a couple of images of ourselves too ;)

Thanks again to Cohesity for such a great time! We can't wait to photograph your next event.