Behind the Scenes Production Photography | Adrenaline Films Orlando

Just a couple of months ago we worked with the Phoenix Group on-set at a Live TV Broadcast.  As a professional photographer it's always great to see others pointing their cameras around and we got the opportunity to do this again with the crew of Adrenaline Films in Orlando.  AstraZeneca was here in Central Florida to produce a live medical broadcast for AstraZeneca and we were there to capture all the behind the scenes action.  Production Photography (or a unit stills photographer, as some larger scale productions call it) is a bunch of fun, check out a few of the images from this shoot below.

We have several years of experience being on-sets, part of production teams, and generally working with people who come together to make it all the great things happen. Some great reasons to have a still photographer on-set is to document your progress, grab some great social media content, and even for continuity. Sometimes it's great to have a reference to go back to if you're doing video or film production. Maybe you are doing a series of videos and you want them to all look the same, you can reference your on-set photographs.

Professional photographers are essential to the publicity and marketing of a production too. A lot of people have a misconception about taking stills from a video production. If you're making a billboard, you can't use it because a screen grab from the production isn't the same quality as an image shot from a professional. It might be good enough for a blog post, but it won't work on any printed materials you're going to use to advertise your film. This is one area you don't want to skimp on during your production. Hire a professional and they will work with you to take you to the next level. Plus, you'll have a bunch of stock images to pull from when you're stuck for blogging content!