Sealand Annual Sales Meeting | Corporate Event Photography | San Juan Puerto Rico

We recently worked with Sealand when they were in the Orlando area at the Orange County Convention Center for their event photography. They liked working with us so much, they asked if we would fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico to document their annual sales meeting. Yes please! One of the reasons they decided to do their annual sales meeting in Puerto Rico was because they wanted to support the local community after it had been devastated by a recent hurricane. We loved that about this company, they are not only educating their employees on new techniques and learning but they are also supporting a community that had been so badly damaged by this hurricane.

We were hired to document the entire event from start to finish which included several events over 4 days. Check out the parties, the meetings, the keynote speeches, the 180 person group portrait at a fort, and a beautiful awards show at an old casino!

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180 people group photo

180 people group photo