Food Photography + Chef Portraits | Professional Photographers in Central Florida | Restaurant

We recently worked with Cunningham Baron, a full service marketing company out of Cleveland.  They needed to hire a professional photographer who was local to Orlando to go and capture some images, thats us!  We worked with the Executive Chef Robert Lee, his amazing food and the HLC dinnerware at Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Club and Lodge.  We love taking pictures of people, but we also love food, so what a great combination at this shoot :)   Check out a few of the images and how the final brochure page looks! If you're interested in seeing more environmental portraits, check out our other recent portraits here.

This version of the HLC dinnerware is really important to this location, Arnold Palmer wanted custom dinnerware made by Homer Laughlin for Bay Hill’s restaurant, and his wife, Winnie, had a hand in creating the design. We had such a great time working with Cunningham Baron and they had some nice things to say about us too - check out their review here.

"I needed a location photographer for a major shoot at a resort and I'm so impressed with what we received from Kellie and Lindsay. I work at an advertising firm in Cleveland, Ohio and it can be very stressful when hiring out of town talent on behalf of a client. Kellie put me right at ease with her professionalism and attention to detail. She kept me in the loop the entire day of the shoot, turned around the shots in one day, AND delivered gorgeous work! I even received a very nice thank-you note from the resort telling me what a pleasure Kellie and Lindsay were to work with. Will definitely use Dynamite Studios again for future work."  - Christina Campbell, Cunningham + Baron

University Technical Institute | Environmental Portrait Photography | Lifestyle

When the University Technical Institute inquired about working with us to create a stock library of images for their Orlando campuses, it was pretty exciting. We had the opportunity to combine the things we love - environmental portraits and lifestyle imagery.  The candid portraits were were taking really told about the person and their teaching environment. We went around Central Florida to several locations where graduates get hired and even had a chance to check out one of the teachers personal workshops where he builds custom bikes.

The results were fantastic, we even received a great review from our contact at UTI named John Lewis, "I was impressed not simply by their photographic skills but in the way that they went above and beyond to deliver a great product." Thanks guys! 

Behind the Scenes Production Photography | Adrenaline Films Orlando

Just a couple of months ago we worked with the Phoenix Group on-set at a Live TV Broadcast.  As a professional photographer it's always great to see others pointing their cameras around and we got the opportunity to do this again with the crew of Adrenaline Films in Orlando.  AstraZeneca was here in Central Florida to produce a live medical broadcast for AstraZeneca and we were there to capture all the behind the scenes action.  Production Photography (or a unit stills photographer, as some larger scale productions call it) is a bunch of fun, check out a few of the images from this shoot below.

We have several years of experience being on-sets, part of production teams, and generally working with people who come together to make it all the great things happen. Some great reasons to have a still photographer on-set is to document your progress, grab some great social media content, and even for continuity. Sometimes it's great to have a reference to go back to if you're doing video or film production. Maybe you are doing a series of videos and you want them to all look the same, you can reference your on-set photographs.

Professional photographers are essential to the publicity and marketing of a production too. A lot of people have a misconception about taking stills from a video production. If you're making a billboard, you can't use it because a screen grab from the production isn't the same quality as an image shot from a professional. It might be good enough for a blog post, but it won't work on any printed materials you're going to use to advertise your film. This is one area you don't want to skimp on during your production. Hire a professional and they will work with you to take you to the next level. Plus, you'll have a bunch of stock images to pull from when you're stuck for blogging content!

Portraits + Lifestyle Photography | The Virga Law Firm Orlando | Orlando, FL

Everyone worries about having their photo taken. It's like the instant someone starts pointing a camera at you, you have one of two reactions: you strike a pose like there is no tomorrow because you practice in the mirror all the time - or - more often than not, you get nervous and immediately start thinking of every single flaw and insecurity you've ever had all at once. If you have that first reaction, bring it on. If you don't, that's OK, that's why we're here. 

We are just like you, we don't like being in front of the camera too much, that's why we're behind it. So we understand how intimidating having your portrait taken can be. We always try to have a good time with all of our clients. Our personalities are very laid back and we love what we do. We get some really great feedback and it's really rewarding. Check out what one of our recent clients said about working with us:

"Dynamite Studio Inc did a fantastic job with our photo & video shoot. They captured some truly genuine moments and were very outgoing and funny. They made us feel at home so it was easier to take videos and pictures like this. The outcome was just astonishing. Thank you ladies for doing what you do best and for giving us some awesome stuff to work with. We get compliments all the time."

Don't be nervous, we're here for you and we're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised at how great you look in front of our lens! Check out our recent shoot with a local law firm located in the Orlando area.



Colorado State University | Environmental Portraits | Behind-the-Scenes

A couple behind the scenes photographs from our on-location shoot with Colorado State today. We were photographing the research team studying several experiments on orange groves in Lake Placid, FL. 



MailChimp + Lucky Red Pixel Promo Email Photography | Advertising Agency

We recently worked with MailChimp, an email marketing automated platform, to create environmental portraits of Evan Diaz, the owner of Lucky Red Pixel. These images were used for MailChimp's promotional emails to show off their email marketing platform integration with advertising agencies big and small. MailChimp's service is a great way to easily customize your emails. Pop your logo and graphics in and you're ready to go. You just need some great imagery to go along with it.


With this project, we wanted to show Evan in his office, at home and with his family. He also had a love for collecting fun socks, so we put that in there too. This makes his professional photos really about him and his uniqueness. What makes you unique? Let's chat and we'll come up with a great concept to show you and your business in the best light. It's more revealing way to show your business, rather than in a studio. It will make you feel more relaxed too if you're in a comfortable environment. Professional photography can not only tell your story but help you stand apart too.

Check out these awesome ninja socks! There were also, tacos and dinosaurs. :-)

Must Have Equipment List for Traveling | What's in our bag? | Orlando Professional Photography

Want to pack like a pro? We've been professional photographers for the past 10 years. Our job take us all over the planet and we've developed a way to travel with the essentials for photo and video without too much sacrificing! We'll go over all the essentials - less really is more when you're traveling about the world.

First, Choose a Great Camera Backpack

This one below is the Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II. It's a great one to start with if you're traveling, plus it's affordable. It's compact enough to take in hand luggage, because let's face it, who wants their precious gear going in the hold to only find out when you get to your destination it's been damaged? Another tip help choose a great camera bag is the top handle. Make sure it's sturdy. We found this out the hard way - spend a little extra on your bag if you need to, it's got a lot of expensive things in it. You're traveling light, but camera equipment is heavy and you'll be picking it up by that handle the entire way through the airport.  Other great features of this bag are: there is room for a 15'' laptop, it has hiking backpack like hip support to redistribute the weight, and loads of pockets for other essential traveling stuff like your passport, candy, and a great magazine to inspire you. I'm a big fan of Wired or  National Geographic Adventures.

Next, Let's Pack. What's in our bag?

That's all great, now what do you put in your bag? Below is a picture of what we took to a job we had in New York City shooting a large fancy gala with a concert. We're shooting both photography and video so there is a little more here than there would be if we were just shooting photography only. Also, please remember, there are two of us on the team, so we each have our own backpack. We made an equipment list below with a photo of our gear all laid out.

Equipment List

Everyone has their own favorite brands of professional photography and videography gear. We started with Canon's so we just kept going with it since we already had all the lenses. I am sure these days the debate over which camera company has quieted a bit with the technology advancing so much. Let's face it, there are a lot of great options for amazing quality footage at a decent price. The three main ones are Canon, Nikon and the newly in the game over the recent years is Sony making huge strides in mirror-less cameras. The equipment list below of the brands we use and trust on a regular basis with links to check them out.

BlackRapid Camera Strap

Eggsnow Universal Camera Waist Belt Holster

(2) Manfrotto Video Monopod

(3) Canon 5D Mark III bodies

(2) Canon 580EXII's

(3) Yongnuo YN-622C Wireless ETTL Flash Trigger Receiver Transmitter Transceiver's 

(2) 24-70mm 2.8/f Lenses

(1) 70mm-200mm 2.8/f Lens

(2) Canon Battery Charger's and batteries

GoPro Waterproof Camera

NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel Digital Camera

SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB SD Cards (not shown)

Don't Forget to Have Fun

There are lots of stresses when traveling for a job, so don't forget to enjoy yourself a little. Mix some work and play. Build in some time so you don't end up just traveling to a city to do a job and never getting a chance to explore it. Give yourself at least 1 day to explore. You wouldn't want to miss out on a major landmark or amazing meal you can't get anywhere else just because you were too busy to check it out.