Eclipse Photography Road Trip - South Carolina

I've never seen an eclipse before, so we weren't going to miss one if it was within a few hours of the house. We hopped in the van and headed to South Carolina to photograph the monumental event and the pictures just don't seem to do it justice. The sky got to be a dark blue and it was like someone turned the lights out on us all. I remember the crickets coming out and the crowd erupting into cheering. Poor animal kingdom was completely confused. We kept hearing on the news that the animals at the Columbia Zoo in South Carolina were reacting very wildly too. They reported that the zebras just laid down on their sides when it happened. Crazy! Check out some of the shots we got from the big event. We tried some different things here, used a blue filter, a yellow filter and even tried a triple exposure of the eclipse with us in it. We had a blast. Enjoy!