Valencia College - West Campus | Education Lifestyle | Commercial Photography Orlando

Education lifestyle shots always look great with the combination of models and real students. Valencia College wanted a lot of variety and student types for this shoot. One way to do that is to use some models and do a all call at every campus for students to participate. They asked and Valencia students and teachers response was overwhelming! In the end we ended up with 66 models and even more than that for volunteers. Everyone who participated was great to work with and we couldn't have asked for a better group! Check out the West Campus photos below!

Valencia College - East Campus | Education Lifestyle | Commercial Photography Orlando

One of our favorite things to shoot is lifestyle photography. Valencia College contacted us again this year to create some lifestyle photography on all of their campuses in the Orlando area. Their goal was to get as much variety at each of their campuses so they could create a large solid stock library for their own internal marketing and advertising departments. Having a stock library of original lifestyle photography specific to your business no matter how big or small could create some enormous benefits. Just think how easy it would be every time you have a blog post, facebook post, tweet, or advertisement you have a huge stock library of original content to pull from. It's a powerful resource to have on hand. Below are a few from the East Campus of Valencia College. Check it out!

MatWorkz Promotional Video | Orlando Professional Videography

Ever thought about creating a testimonial video for your business? MatWorkz did! MatWorkz is a Pilates studio in Orlando, FL. We worked with them a few weeks ago on this video project that includes interviews from their own clients who love their studio. We spent a day with them shooting the b-roll and interviews then combined them into a video that created a story around their brand. Check it out!

David Whittaker | Professional Headshots | Orlando, FL

No matter what your job or career choice, everyone could benefit from a great headshot or professional portrait. Think about it, it's on your LinkedIn profile, not to mention in a million others places. If someone is looking to work with you, they probably googled you and your LinkedIn profile page came up first. You want to give off the best first impression of yourself everywhere, not just in person. Headshots don't have to be formal and on a plain background, we tend to think of them more like environmental portraits. You, as comfortable as can be, in your own working environment or favorite surroundings.  We feel like that brings a natural look as well as tells everyone what you do. Meet David, he's the owner of a software development company called Bio Auth. His relaxed working environment made it a perfect place to shoot his portraits - check out all the variety we were able to get for him below!