David Whittaker | Professional Headshots | Orlando, FL

No matter what your job or career choice, everyone could benefit from a great headshot or professional portrait. Think about it, it's on your LinkedIn profile, not to mention in a million others places. If someone is looking to work with you, they probably googled you and your LinkedIn profile page came up first. You want to give off the best first impression of yourself everywhere, not just in person. Headshots don't have to be formal and on a plain background, we tend to think of them more like environmental portraits. You, as comfortable as can be, in your own working environment or favorite surroundings.  We feel like that brings a natural look as well as tells everyone what you do. Meet David, he's the owner of a software development company called Bio Auth. His relaxed working environment made it a perfect place to shoot his portraits - check out all the variety we were able to get for him below!

Brevard Brewery - Brevard, NC | Environmental Portraits | Professional Orlando Photographer

It's easy to see why the beer is so good at Brevard Brewing Company. They've got heart. Plus, we tasted it too!  "We are a family-owned business in the heart of Brevard, North Carolina, specializing in creating hand-crafted lagers. We were the first brewery to open in Transylvania County." Being Orlando professional photographers, we don't get to go out of state for photoshoots as often as we'd like, but this was a great town filled with bikes and brews. We met with Kyle Williams, the owner of the brewery and took some environmental portraits as well as some lifestyle photos inside the bar. Kyle said he was looking for some great shots to update his website and marketing materials. Check out all the fun we had below!

The Bike Farm, Brevard, NC | Mountain Biking | Orlando Lifestyle Photography

We love mountain biking! If you didn't know that already, now you do! We went on a road trip up to Brevard, North Carolina to bike some real mountains (we're from Florida where we have gently sloping hills...) Those mountains are no joke! While we were traveling we stopped by The Bike Farm to shoot some professional portrait and lifestyle photography for their website and marketing materials.  The Bike Farm is "a guide service and bicycle-centric eco resort and base camp for all your Western North Carolina adventures, The Bike Farm is here to cater to every need of the visiting cyclist, while serving as a community gathering spot for the locals." Big thanks to Josh and Brian who showed us around the Pigsah Forest - you're awesome.