Uganda Travel Photography | The people and culture of Uganda

From the moment we stepped onto Ugandan soil we felt a connection to the local people.  As we drove 2hrs down a dirt track, towards the Bwindi National park, the local children ran towards the car smiling and waving.  We passed people walking their pigs (as you do), hanging out in the lush green forests, and washing their motorbikes in the stream.  

The aim of our trip to Uganda was to see and photograph the endangered Mountain Gorilla, but we decided to take a cultural walk the day after.  We met some amazing people, a local medicine man who spoke local dialect (and French) showed us his natural remedies and how he made them.  He also explained how he now has a doctors coat (which he's very proud of) because they hire him to work in the local hospital alongside the western medicine.  We met a lady who brews banana gin, brick makers, and local carvers.  We also spent some time with a local Pigmy group.  This group used to live on the mountains but were competing with the endangered Gorillas.  The local government had to move them from the mountain to help maintain Gorilla population, and offered them some smaller areas of land.  They try to maintain their history even though they have been displaced and seem like happy people, one guy even taught us how to fire his bow and arrow, which Kellie nailed... I however did not :)

The last stop was at a local "parent school".  The people working here and the kids we met were amazing.  We felt an immediate connection, and wanted so badly to help them.  Soon we will have more photos to share from locals in the school showing how easy it is to change lives if you get involved.

Brain Balance Acheivement Centers - Environmental Portraits Orlando

We're professional photographers in the Orlando area and our clients want something a little different. We do all types of portraits around town, but environmental portraits are our absolute favorite. We get a chance to work with our client's environment instead of using a plain background color. It gives us the ability to move around their offices and make the our client's feel for their business come through the photos. To us, it seems more personal and approachable as a photograph on your website or marketing materials. It's a bit of a fun puzzle for us to work within their environment and make a connection. Check out these latest portraits for Brain Balance we did last week. Great team, can't wait to work with them again!

Valencia College - Osceola Campus | | Education Lifestyle | Professional Photography Orlando

We did a blog post few few weeks ago about our work with Valencia College in the Orlando area. In our lifestyle photography work we try and make people feel as though they're experiencing the real deal of that type of lifestyle. In this case, we're working with real students plus models to create a journey over of all the campuses. We want to show how the students work with the teachers, one another and showcase the architecture of each campus at the same time. The goal is always to keep things as natural as possible to create that "slice of life" story our clients are looking for when they hire us. Check out the Osceola Campus!

Visiting a new continent: Africa Travel Photography

We had the most amazing time last month visiting Tanzania and Uganda!  Travel photography is a huge passion of ours and this trip far exceeded our exceptions for amazing photography.  We figured we may see a few wild animals, but had no idea how many, and how close we would be!  We managed to collect over 5000 images in the 10 or so days we were there, so its going to take some time to go through them all, but for now here are a few from the iPhone!  We can't wait to share the rest!