Chester, England - Destination Travel Photography

Destination travel photography is our number 1 favorite thing to do when we get free time. This year, we decided to take a whole month off and visit quite a few places around the globe. First stop was England. We visited Chester and spent a lot of time walking around the Roman city founded in A.D. 79.  There is so much history that I just can't type it all.  It was the scene of battles between the Welsh and the Saxon Kingdoms. , it became one of the most important Roman settlements in Britain, and was under attack from the Vikings in the Dark Ages.

We stopped in the Chester Cathedral as well and it was amazing! It was built from local sandstone. This has been the site of a church in some form for over 1,400 years. They certainly don't build things like they used to, the amount of detail that went into every room of the Cathedral was just mind blowing. They even have a Roman Wall around the entire city that you can still walk around. It's pretty epic. Check out all the cool places and amazing architecture below.

Eclipse Photography Road Trip - South Carolina

I've never seen an eclipse before, so we weren't going to miss one if it was within a few hours of the house. We hopped in the van and headed to South Carolina to photograph the monumental event and the pictures just don't seem to do it justice. The sky got to be a dark blue and it was like someone turned the lights out on us all. I remember the crickets coming out and the crowd erupting into cheering. Poor animal kingdom was completely confused. We kept hearing on the news that the animals at the Columbia Zoo in South Carolina were reacting very wildly too. They reported that the zebras just laid down on their sides when it happened. Crazy! Check out some of the shots we got from the big event. We tried some different things here, used a blue filter, a yellow filter and even tried a triple exposure of the eclipse with us in it. We had a blast. Enjoy!

Valencia College - West Campus | Education Lifestyle | Commercial Photography Orlando

Education lifestyle shots always look great with the combination of models and real students. Valencia College wanted a lot of variety and student types for this shoot. One way to do that is to use some models and do a all call at every campus for students to participate. They asked and Valencia students and teachers response was overwhelming! In the end we ended up with 66 models and even more than that for volunteers. Everyone who participated was great to work with and we couldn't have asked for a better group! Check out the West Campus photos below!

Valencia College - East Campus | Education Lifestyle | Commercial Photography Orlando

One of our favorite things to shoot is lifestyle photography. Valencia College contacted us again this year to create some lifestyle photography on all of their campuses in the Orlando area. Their goal was to get as much variety at each of their campuses so they could create a large solid stock library for their own internal marketing and advertising departments. Having a stock library of original lifestyle photography specific to your business no matter how big or small could create some enormous benefits. Just think how easy it would be every time you have a blog post, facebook post, tweet, or advertisement you have a huge stock library of original content to pull from. It's a powerful resource to have on hand. Below are a few from the East Campus of Valencia College. Check it out!