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So you want to start a new business this year? Awesome. It’s one of those things we think everyone should do once in their lives. You’ve got your product line or services ready to offer now you’re going to need some imagery to fill up your social media channels, website, advertising channels and marketing goals. There are five basic types of imagery that you should use to make your website more engaging.

  1. Portrait

    First and foremost people want to know who is behind this product or service you are offering. You’ll need a professional picture to use as a profile image on your LinkedIn, Facebook and also if you’re feeling fancy, on the bottom of your email signature. It helps people understand who they are talking to when they contact you, plus it helps put a face to an email address. Everyone likes to see friendly faces.

  2. Lifestyle

    You want to help people imagine themselves using your product or service and how they feel when they’re using it. These types of images help establish your brand feel. Do you want your images to have a bright airy feel? Or maybe the right feeling is dark and contrast-y? Lifestyle photography is a type of photography that tells a story, it captures an authentic moment that people can relate to.

  3. In Process

    How do you make your product or perform your service? Customers more and more want to see inside and the back channels of businesses. If you make or sell something tangible, you’ll want to share videos and photos of how those products are made. Behind the scenes imagery makes people feel more confident about what they are buying.

  4. You and your employees loving what they do

    I always feel more comfortable getting behind a business when I see that they actually enjoy doing what they do. It’s what we all want, to love what we do. We do. If people see a business doing that, consumers are more likely to have interest in buying your product or service. If you’re having a company party or event, document it and share it on your website or blog.

  5. Images with feeling

    Today, with everyone looking at thousands of images a day, people are getting smarter. I’d say the average informed consumer can spot a stock photo a mile away. The reason they are stock images is because they are one-size-fits-all. They could be used for any business, but you’re not just any business. You want to set yourself apart. You’re unique, so your photos should be too. As professional photographers we can work with you on developing a set of images that look well thought out and crafted towards your company feeling.

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Website Homepage Imagery Example

Website Homepage Imagery Example