Wind Tunnel Photography | iFly Tampa Indoor Skydiving

This week we headed over the the indoor skydiving center in Tampa. After flying around in this big windy tube for 15 minutes we decided to take some images of a skydiving team training for a competition.

For those that have always thought about skydiving but don’t like the idea of jumping from an airplane at 14,000ft, then the tunnel is for you. Its a great way to experience what it feels like to fly without the fear of the ground approaching you at 120mph.

Collective Pitch are a 4-way freely team that skydive and also do a number of tunnel competitions. A 4-way team fly around together trying to get into certain positions in the air flow. The more positions they make the more points they get. These guys are FAST! We had a blast doing some tunnel photography, and even more of a blast flying in it.

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