MailChimp + Lucky Red Pixel Promo Email Photography | Advertising Agency

We recently worked with MailChimp, an email marketing automated platform, to create environmental portraits of Evan Diaz, the owner of Lucky Red Pixel. These images were used for MailChimp's promotional emails to show off their email marketing platform integration with advertising agencies big and small. MailChimp's service is a great way to easily customize your emails. Pop your logo and graphics in and you're ready to go. You just need some great imagery to go along with it.


With this project, we wanted to show Evan in his office, at home and with his family. He also had a love for collecting fun socks, so we put that in there too. This makes his professional photos really about him and his uniqueness. What makes you unique? Let's chat and we'll come up with a great concept to show you and your business in the best light. It's more revealing way to show your business, rather than in a studio. It will make you feel more relaxed too if you're in a comfortable environment. Professional photography can not only tell your story but help you stand apart too.

Check out these awesome ninja socks! There were also, tacos and dinosaurs. :-)