Video Production

We can help your company create an online advertising videos to push your business to the next level. This year online video advertising has exploded in popularity, videography is the new photography and is a great way to capture peoples attention.

Examples of videos we offer

Dynamite Studio, Inc. have years of experience doing commercial, corporate and event videography in Orlando, and have helped many local clients improve their company look. We make all of our shoots fast, fun, and produce a great final product.

  • Sizzler Video - Short and usually faster paced video with only music, great for a website homepage.

  • About Us Videos: Show your clients who you are, show off your company culture, what makes your brand unique, tell your story in a relaxed and candid way.

  • Client Testimonials – Their story with your product, share client stories of how your business has positively affected their life.

  • Day in the Life Videos: Show off what a day in the life at your company looks like, or of one particular employee that does a specific job.

  • Explainer Videos: These help to explain a specific part of your business in detail, this could also be a series of videos.

Most videos can be shot in one full day and can be edited and produced within a couple of weeks. Costs vary on your specific needs but start around $1800.


Why create a company advertising video?

We live in a society where people need to be visually simulated, videography is a great way to get your clients eyes on you and your brand. In a world where we are overloaded with static information, the movement in video draws your attention to whats happening on the screen. There are many business out there and people want to see who YOU really are, and what your company is all about. This isn’t always easy to express in a photograph, which is why video is so important to bridging the gap between you and your clients. A combination of photography and videography is what will set your business apart.