Environmental Portrait Photography in Orlando, Fl.

Times are changing, less people want to see a stuffy studio headshot. Its old school, doesn’t tell a story, and somehow the person always looks a bit uncomfortable. But don’t worry, portraits don’t need to be like this.

We specialize in environmental portraits. This type of photography takes images of you doing what you do, being who you are. Theres no white background, no harsh lights, just us in a place you love the most taking some great portraits. Email us today to find out more about environmental portraits and how they could help you.

"I worked with Dynamite Studio to help me with some portraits for my website. What I loved most was how Kellie and Lindsay really took the time to get an understanding of what I was looking for and what my vision was. It was really important to feel confident in the photos for my website and that my vision was reflected, and I walked away from my experience from Dynamite feeling all of that and more!" - Sanya Matani - Shine On