Photography Services

We love taking kick-ass documentary images based around YOUR company's story. We are passionate about what we do, and love working with other passionate companies in the Central Florida area.

Our approach to photography

Keep it simple. We believe the best images come from keeping things simple, and natural. We love what we do and we have fun doing it. Our aim is to get as many high quality photos as we can and make sure our clients are not only happy with the results, but enjoy the process of creating them. We want to help your business stand out from the crowd, by producing creative and modern imagery that blends perfectly with the message that your company is trying to get out there.

Types of services we offer

We offer many types of photography for small businesses and large corporations here in Florida, and anywhere else in the world. Fresh and unique photography is a great way to make your business stand out from the rest. All services are 100% customizable, just let us know how we can adapt to your exact needs. Pricing starts at $300 depending on your needs.

Customized stock library

There are so many reasons a business own their own stock library of images. A personalized stock library has a cohesive look making your business more professional, there are many images out there you can buy online, but images that you create will say more about your brand. Even if you only need one or two images right away, having a library means all your future needs for social media, website updating, merchandise, newsletters will be ready and waiting for you. A stock library of images is usually done in one day and may include:

  • Location Shots: Outside, inside overall, inside detail (close-up), the more personal the better, show off how you work.

  • Owner and Staff Portraits: Candid environmental portraits on location.

  • Product Shots: Environmental product shots, or white background.

  • Lifestyle/Action Shots: Using the product or service with use of models in a natural setting.

  • Food Shots: Eating, preparing, people enjoying food together, ordering the food, cheers, raw materials of dishes, fire, steam, chopping, close-up details of behind the scenes.

  • Production Shots: The making of the product, raw materials, assembly line, tools, showing customers how you make your products, behind the scenes.

  • Client/Staff Interaction with Customers: Shaking hands, a high-five, satisfied client/customer testimonials (a great photo with a few words).

  • Macro Shots: Get close on everything, collect library of details, more artistic, can be used for backgrounds.

  • Fun/Silly: Goofy faces, photo booth style, dressing up, recreate scene from movie, something unexpected, era in time.

Maybe your business also needs some new or rebranding to go with your stock library. You can check out our branding services HERE.



Depending on the number of people we provide headshot sessions either an hour long, or at a half day rate. We believe environmental portraits are the way to do. This is much more relaxed and modern and can be done pretty much anywhere.



So much time and energy goes into planning a big event that you want to make sure you capture everything. These kinds of images can be used in all types of advertising, and also to promote the same event for the next year. Event coverage can start from just a half day, or we can do multiple full days depending on how much is needed.



Set up a meeting to define your product or service and your expectations of working with us.

Observe to get a feel of the company vibe so we can portray the right message.

We want you to be involved so we collaborate to make your vision a reality.

Shoot! Super fun day.

We edit together a finished product.

Finally you share your new awesome images with the world!

Uses of professional photography

There are so many reasons to get some professional photography, its not just a pretty picture to go on your website. There are so many uses you may not have even thought about, such as:

• Update branding/website

• Social Media

• Stock library

• Packaging

• Menus

• Merchandise

• Internal/external signage

• Newsletters

• Online Catalog

• Postcards

• Web ads

• Company fact sheets

• Brochures

• Business cards

• Upcoming event or expo signage

• Campaigns

• E-blast

• Posters

• Billboards

• Vehicle wraps

A Few Past Clients


Cirque Du Soleil



Seminole State College

Fl Hospital

Orlando Health

Sonny's BBQ

Millers Ale House

Push Advertising Agency

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Anson Stoner Advertising Agency