Portraits + Lifestyle Photography | The Virga Law Firm Orlando | Orlando, FL

Everyone worries about having their photo taken. It's like the instant someone starts pointing a camera at you, you have one of two reactions: you strike a pose like there is no tomorrow because you practice in the mirror all the time - or - more often than not, you get nervous and immediately start thinking of every single flaw and insecurity you've ever had all at once. If you have that first reaction, bring it on. If you don't, that's OK, that's why we're here. 

We are just like you, we don't like being in front of the camera too much, that's why we're behind it. So we understand how intimidating having your portrait taken can be. We always try to have a good time with all of our clients. Our personalities are very laid back and we love what we do. We get some really great feedback and it's really rewarding. Check out what one of our recent clients said about working with us:

"Dynamite Studio Inc did a fantastic job with our photo & video shoot. They captured some truly genuine moments and were very outgoing and funny. They made us feel at home so it was easier to take videos and pictures like this. The outcome was just astonishing. Thank you ladies for doing what you do best and for giving us some awesome stuff to work with. We get compliments all the time."

Don't be nervous, we're here for you and we're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised at how great you look in front of our lens! Check out our recent shoot with a local law firm located in the Orlando area.