Chester, England - Destination Travel Photography

Destination travel photography is our number 1 favorite thing to do when we get free time. This year, we decided to take a whole month off and visit quite a few places around the globe. First stop was England. We visited Chester and spent a lot of time walking around the Roman city founded in A.D. 79.  There is so much history that I just can't type it all.  It was the scene of battles between the Welsh and the Saxon Kingdoms. , it became one of the most important Roman settlements in Britain, and was under attack from the Vikings in the Dark Ages.

We stopped in the Chester Cathedral as well and it was amazing! It was built from local sandstone. This has been the site of a church in some form for over 1,400 years. They certainly don't build things like they used to, the amount of detail that went into every room of the Cathedral was just mind blowing. They even have a Roman Wall around the entire city that you can still walk around. It's pretty epic. Check out all the cool places and amazing architecture below.