Lean Green Dad | Vegan Food Photography Orlando

Cory is the owner and founder of Lean Green Dad, a vegan blog for families.  Soon before he got married, Cory's wife, Jenn was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis... this is the point he realized they needed to make changes to their lifestyle and diet!  Cory Warren is a husband, father of three, and vegan athlete who helps busy families eat more plant-based foods! His blog, Lean Green DAD, helps over-scheduled, busy people (mostly parents) maintain a healthy balance of plant-based nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness so they can go the extra mile for their families.  I once offered his older daughter Izzy a cupcake to which she replied "yes, but is it vegan".  Pretty cool for an 8 year old.  Since focusing on a plant based diet Jenn's health improved dramatically!   After years of research Cory is now writing a book on his experiences.  We were happy to be there to shoot food photography for him.  Our first thoughts about food come from the eyes, so it was super important to get this food looking so good that you want to lick the plate clean! There are 15 easy recipes that a busy parent can make at home, being vegan doesn't have to be scary!