Hidden Treasure!

Recently I was over at an old friends house, and the photo album came out.  I found this small collection of images and was blown away.  I fell in love with them right away.  I wonder how many people have amazing old images like these stored away somewhere?

"These shots are from two different jumps sometime in 1968 at Fort Bragg, NC. The jumps were from 1250 feet from C-130s. The camera was a Kodak Instamatic or something very similar. I stuffed it down the front of my shirt for exit and pulled it out and started shooting as soon as I could after opening.  Stuffed it back in my shirt for landing and then more shots as soon as I could after landing.  C-130s in troop configuration carried 64 paratroopers each exiting from the side door on each side of the aircraft." - Mike Johnston