What is a Custom Stock Library of images?

Anyone can go online and pay for a stock image for their website, but these images are non specific to your company and could be used by anyone else looking for a similar image.

Instead of buying impersonal stock images we create a whole stock library of images custom to your business and it’s brand.

Why have my own Custom Stock Library?

There are so many reasons a business should own their own stock library of images. A custom stock library has a cohesive look, making your business more professional. Images that you create will say more about you, your brand, and the story that you are trying to tell.

Even if you only need one or two images right away, having a library means all your future needs for social media, website updating, merchandise, newsletters, and more, will be ready and waiting for you.

We want to help your business stand out from the crowd, by producing creative, high quality, modern imagery that blends perfectly with the message that your company is trying to get out there.

What kind of images are in a Stock Library?

There are so many types of images you can create for your personalized stock library of images.
The options are limitless; but here are a few suggestions.

Location photography: Outside shots, inside wide shots, inside detail shots, show off your office or work location.

Owner and Staff Portraits: Environmental portraits on location, in a natural setting.

Product photography: Images of your passion - what you create or promote.

Lifestyle/Action photography: Images with people in them showcasing the product or service you are advertising in real life situations.

Food photography: Preparing, serving, and people enjoying food together. Raw materials of dishes, fire, steam, chopping, close-up details of behind the scenes.

Production photography: The making of the product, raw materials, assembly line, tools, showing customers how you make your products, behind the scenes.

Client/Staff Interaction with Customers: Shaking hands, a high-five, satisfied client/customer testimonials (a great photo with a few words).

Macro photography: Get close on everything, collect library of details, more artistic, can be used for backgrounds.

Corporate Event photography: Hosting a killer event in corporate Orlando? Might as well capture it all for advertising leading up to the event for next year and for all of your social media channels after the big event too!

Fun/Silly: Goofy faces, awesome poses, recreating movie scenes, anything unexpected! We don't need to be serious ALL the time.

What can I use these images for?

You can use these images for so many things!

We try to produced a big enough stock library that you can use the images throughout the year for multiple advertising possibilities:

• Update branding/website
• Social Media
• Packaging
• Menus
• Merchandise
• Internal/external signage
• Newsletters
• Online Catalog
• Postcards
• Web ads
• Company fact sheets
• Brochures
• Business cards
• Upcoming event or expo signage
• Campaigns
• E-blast
• Posters
• Billboards
• Vehicle wraps

“We partnered with Dynamite Studio, Inc for two major events for Sealand - A Maersk Company. Working with Kellie and Lindsay was fantastic. Just after I saw their online portfolio I was sure I wanted them to cover our event and I couldn’t be happier with the results. They delivered outstanding pictures and super fast. I know how hard is to find good photographers to cover corporate events in an interesting way where they capture not only the moment but also the emotion, so I was so excited to have found them. They are super easy to work with, communicate very well, and adapt to any situation with a great attitude. 
I will recommend them to anyone looking for something exceptional; Dynamite Studio definitely delivers an outstanding quality of work.” - Barbara Magistrelli, Sealand - A Maersk Company